Why Work Ethic Crushes Skill (Talent vs. Graft)

Why Work Ethic Crushes Skill (Talent vs. Graft)

At GO, many of our team are well-equipped and multi talented in various areas. We also place an importance on the idea that even though you are skilled at something, it does not automatically make you the best. “We believe that work ethic beats skill. Skill can make someone good at something because they are naturally gifted. But without working hard on that skill or showing ethic towards that specific work, you won’t make it to a high level,” says Jonny Frausto of GO. Work ethic has many contributing factors to it. Your mindset, attitude, confidence and positivity play a huge role in how the results are portrayed. It is also important to consider that skill only takes you as far as the skill itself. But honing it, maintain it, and developing it to further expand towards your dreams means that you work on it with ethic. 

“Take the example of athletes. Many of them are gifted already. But without working hard to develop those gifts and skills, how far are they going to get? The greatest athletes work behind the screen and twice as hard. They develop this sports mentality that enables them to understand the importance of various factors. Factors such as attitude, mindset and positivity,” says Jonny Frausto of GO. As long as your mindset makes you believe you are capable of greater things, you can accomplish those things. 

According to Influencive Magazine, the writer Kale Panoho writes, “A paper published in 2007 described perseverance and passion for long-term goals as “Grit” (a non-cognitive trait, measuring persistence) of equal or more importance than IQ and talent.  The same has been found by psychologist Carol Dweck who said, “Attitude is a better predictor of your success than your IQ.” based off studies, it also determines that grit is more valuable than skillset, and our ideas at GO revolve around this so we know that we are headed in the right direction.

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