GO Shares Ways to Stay Passionate & Productive at Work

GO Shares Ways to Stay Passionate & Productive at Work

Mondays are usually the day that majority of individuals fear and dread. Due to our responsibilities and getting out of our comfort zone, we dread starting the week. At GO, we think on the contrary. Entrepreneurship and businesses are made to love Mondays. “We are able to build ourselves against the negativity of this mentality on Mondays and utilize useful techniques we’ve made for ourselves over the years,” says J. Frausto of GO. There are various ways to get up, stay motivated, productive and passionate throughout the week. We understand that it takes a lot of emotional characteristics and personality to be able to do this, but because skills are learned — there are ways to make yourself one of those individuals that keeps themselves focused at work. “The number one thing we make sure at GO is the fact that we set goals. Having deadlines, a to-do list, and timeline help accommodate and help individuals work thoroughly through them,” says J. Frausto, CEO of GO. 

For example, personally we love crossing off things on lists. When there’s a way to feel like you’re finishing tasks, it will help in the longer run and motivate productivity.  Another great way to feel passionate at work is by starting out the day by doing something you like. “If you like working out, then do that first thing in the morning. Or if you like music, listen to your favorite music to help you feel more wide awake. These are some simple but effective tricks we picked up to help inspire that good feeling at work,” says the CEO of GO. Some other tricks that help are staying with the task at hand and not moving from it till you’re finished and making yourself accountable. These two tricks help you stay focused and because of the fact that you are finishing your tasks, you’ll be able to thank yourself that you did. 

Last but not least, I think our favorite thing at GO to stay focused has to be organizational skills. “Many of our representatives need a clear work space. Having that organized flow helps everything else flow better. We make it clear to implement strategies that help progress and create success. By laying out a plan or using apps that help with organizational skills, you can keep your mind organized as well, ensuring that your day, tasks and routine is clear. 

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