GO Shares 4 Ways to Overcome Fear & Breakout Your Comfort Zone

GO Shares 4 Ways to Overcome Fear & Breakout Your Comfort Zone

Overtime all of us get stuck in a routine. We find that place that makes us safe and we are afraid to venture out and see how far we can go. “Fear is natural, that’s understandable. It’s also an essential part of growth. Each time we get out of our comfort zone, we make our experiences more varied,” says Jonny Frausto, CEO of GO. Our team at GO were asked about different ways that they use to combat fear and be courageous. They gave us 4 top ways to overcome fear and go out their comfort zone:

Try Something New 

“We’re so caught up in the idea of comfort, that we forget to try new things and broaden our horizon. We forget to try a new food, take a different route to work, or try a new activity. These are all part of growth and make us stronger individuals,” says Jonny Frausto, CEO of GO. Try a new thing until it becomes comfortable, then move forward to trying another new thing and so on. 

Switch Up Your Routine 

Routines are the pinnacle of comfort. We’re use to our everyday life — that’s a routine. When you move beyond that and change it up, that’s when you learn what you’re capable of. 

Ask The Hard Questions 

Address concerns and complaints in the workplace professionally. “Not only will it make you look professional but addressing this makes you aware and mature enough to handle situations such as this. It pushes you to see beyond what’s in front of you,” says Jonny Frausto, CEO of GO. 

Keep a List Goals

As soon as you know what you want, make a list of it. Cross it off one by one. It’ll help you live to the fullest, as well as accomplish things beyond your comfort zone. 

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