GO Reviews Keys to Develop Focus

GO Reviews Keys to Develop Focus

GO understands that no matter how hard of a worker someone is and how busy he or she is, at some point, everyone struggles with focus. Focus is a type of mindset that requires immense energy. It also evident that if an individual is truly focused on something, time becomes irrelevant because they are putting all their energy at what is in front of them and completing it. “True focus is a unique state of being. To able to focus with full concentration, a worker’s attention must be dedicated to the task at hand. I, myself have discovered various techniques to attain better focus — it takes a bit to master, but it can be done,” mentions Jonny Frausto of GO. GO knows that our brains are finely aware and easily taken away by distractions. It is known that 20% of your brain consumes energy from the body. “This is why it’s easier to let distraction in and not be as focused on the task at hand because it requires energy,” says Jonny Frausto of GO.

There are various ways to help attain focus, at GO we’ve gathered a few and would like to share some to start your week off right!

Meditation: before starting a task, take about 2-5 mins to really just breath and relax. You have probably read about how meditation helps stress. However, it is equally if not is more helpful for focus. Studies have shown that 10 minutes of meditating each day helped individuals attain better focus throughout the day on their daily tasks. “Habits usually take 21-60 days to develop, so try each day to add this into your schedule and you will see the differences for yourself,” says Jonny Frausto of GO.

Sticking to schedule: If a worker is all over the place everyday it can he hard to maintain and get yourself to complete a task. Entrepreneur.com mentions “For example, Jamie Walker, CEO of SweatGuru and Fit Approach in San Francisco, shares via email, ‘I schedule EVERYTHING on my calendar and every little thing I need to do goes on Trello.” About the organizational app, she says, “I love Trello because I can create a to-do list each week and access it from my phone or computer.’” Try to keep yourself aware of everything you need to accomplish that complete it through a schedule, it’ll help you focus because you’re aware of what needs priority and what does not.

Eat well & maintain good health: GO cannot the stress the importance of health and diet. Since the brain requires 20% of your bodily energy to focus, it’s extremely important to realize this and feed your body properly. Without the proper diet or health precautions, you will develop low energy and less efficient work in your daily professional life. Stay hydrated and take a few simple steps to boost your energy through diet and attain focus in return.

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