GO Believes in Investing in Our People

GO Believes in Investing in Our People

GO is a firm believer that success happens where you plant positivity. We place importance on being confident and positive, just as much as we do for other aspects of our business. “A key area that helps us develop ourselves and distinguish us further is that we invest in these confident/positive individuals. Most people assume that businesses grow by investing more money into an already existing business. However, at GO we believe that peopleare the number one cause and face of a company,” says Jonny Frausto of GO. One of the biggest factors we noticed is that investing in our team helps us evaluate specific areas of our company. 

Owners usually tend to lay away from the idea the implementing a strong team-centered training and education program is going to cost a lot and it won’t be worth it. We don’t believe this, it is the total opposite for us. “Putting faith and effort into your agents will be the best thing in the long run. Training them is the first step to having yourself a strong base and foundation of a company. According to various studies, they mentioned inside promotional hires versus external hires. This is also a big perk of investing in workers rather than the firm itself because that specific individual will later show skill, dedication and loyalty towards the company that help him along the way,” says Jonny Frausto of GO. 

Not only this but investing in your team means that you are investing in the long run for your company. You aren’t just thinking about a year from now, rather you’re thinking about growth for the next 10 years. By organizing a team of trained professionals within your firm, you’ve made it easier for you to grasp the concept of success through your own way. Continually training your team as well as showing them the perks of this industry, investing them will prove to be beneficial more than just investing in just your company through money. 

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