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3 Ways to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

3 Ways to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Booker T. Washington had once said, “You measure the size of the accomplishments by the obstacles you have to overcome to reach your goals.” Marcus Aurelius had said, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” These greats knew the recipe for achieving goals. They also knew the hurdles every successful individual has faced in their route to making it big. Similarly, in business, GO strongly believes that obstacles happen in order to provide opportunities for an individual. “Many people believe that obstacles are the root of disappointment and that they can’t pass it in order to achieve their goals or dreams. That is the wrong way to approach any kind of problem. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise and it’s important to look at them in a positive way,” says Johnny Frausto of GO. Additionally, we chose how we perceive things. What we apply to a certain situation ultimately decides it’s future.

Flip the obstacle around. Every negative effect and situation has a positive one. Make note of what that positive affect is in your obstacle. “For example, you are doing work on the computer and your computer has a glitch. You lose all your hard work. However now the second time you attempt to accomplish this task, you’re well prepared for everything and you’re prepared for your computer to act up as well. You’ll save everything 5 times and make sure it’s on your computer in case a mishap occurs again,” says Johnny Frausto of GO.

Control your attitude. Develop an unshakable belief that no matter what happens you will reach your goal. Most times we play a huge part in self-prophecy. We believe that we can’t face obstacles, so we won’t. But stop and turn that mentality around. Tell yourself that no matter what crosses your path, it won’t stop you from the ultimate goal and dream. Understand the reality that ALL successful individuals have faced dilemmas and obstacles, but it didn’t stop them, nor should it stop you.  

Focus on what you can do first. For instance, in basketball, athletes that are not as tall or the average “tall” according to NBA players, they have to work twice as hard because their height is an obstacle. Now, they can’t change their height, but that doesn’t stop them from working twice as hard on their game. They are able to focus on bettering their skills and not worry about how height stops them! GO promotes that individuals should work on what they can accomplish and work twice as hard to better those things they feel they cannot at a certain time; because sooner or later that too will be accomplished!

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